What we want…
AIR LEGS CITY Country DATES for Claudette DAYS / NOTES DATES for rick
Edmonton Canada
1 2007-08-08 to 2007-08-12 flexible date for flight booking depending upon best price, 
San Jose' Costa Rica 10 weekdays of spanish lessons starting on Aug 13, plus one day of travel to and from San Jose'
2 2007-08-27 2007-08-27
Lima Peru
3 2007-09-03 2007-09-03
Quito Eqcuador
4 2007-09-11 2007-09-12
Sydney Austrailia approximately 5 to 6 weeks all total including a drive to and from Ayre's Rock. 
Cairns Austrailia
5 forth week of October 2007-10-09
Singapore Singapore 2 days
(ground, train) about 7 weeks on trains up and East through these countries
Hanoi Vietnam 1 day
Hong Kong China about 1 to 2 days
7 before Christmas a week 2007-12-20
Beijing China about 2 to 3 weeks
8 after New Years about a week 2008-01-05
Dehli India
About 3 to 4 weeks. These are roughly the cities in India we would like to visit. Please pick out the best arrival city and most approprioate departure city to get to Africa. We will sort out the land route within India accordingly.
Agra India
Jaipur India
Goa Province, (Southern portion) India
Mumbai India
9 2008-02-01
Narobi Kenya About 2 weeks. We would like to book a tour including a safari & an overland trip to Tanzania and Victoria Falls. Please let us know of anything appropriate in these dates.
10 2008-02-15
Cairo Egypt About 2 to 3 weeks, city order can be reversed. We would also prefer organized tours here, (we're looking to book if you know of any available) including a trip to the pyramids. Also, a day visit to the Dead Sea would be great in here if possible and not too much more.
Petra Jordan
12 2008-03-07
Rome Italy About 2 weeks travelling up through Italy.
Venice Italy
Germany under a week through Germany.
France About 2 weeks throughout France
Chunnel Trip 2008-04-18
UK About 2 weeks around the UK
13 2008-05-02
Halifax Canada