Sunday Saturday Days country cities / areas notes / attractions
2007-07-01 2007-07-07
2007-07-08 2007-07-14
2007-07-15 2007-07-21
2007-07-22 2007-07-28
2007-07-29 2007-08-04 WORLD PLANE TICKETS
2007-08-03 PAYDAY
2007-08-05 2007-08-08 4 Canada Edmonton visit family, say goodbye!
2007-08-09 2007-08-09 1 fly from Edm. To Los Angeles
2007-08-10 2007-08-10 1 Costa Rica San Jose' fly from LA To San Jose', then bus to beach school
2007-08-17 PAYDAY
2007-08-10 2007-08-24 15 Costa Rica Spanish lang. lessons for two weeks + family stay
2007-08-25 2007-08-27 3 travel to San Jose', then fly to Lima
2007-08-31 PAYDAY
2007-08-28 2007-09-02 6 Lima Peru first part of Gap Adventures tour;  PF07F
2007-09-03 2007-09-03 1 Ecuador Quito fly from Lima to Quito & relax
2007-09-04 2007-09-10 7 Ecuador Galapagos second part of Gap Adventures tour;  PF07F
2007-09-11 2007-09-12 1 Ecuador Quito relax in Quito
2007-09-12 2007-09-12 0 US Los Angeles fly from Quito to San Jose' to Los Angeles
2007-09-13 2007-09-13 1 US Los Angeles day in Los Angeles
2007-09-13 2007-09-14 1 Australia Sydney Fly from Los Angeles to Nadi then to Sydney
2007-09-14 PAYDAY
2007-09-14 2007-09-18 5 Australia Sydney rent camper in Australia, tour Sydney, climb bridge
1 Australia drive South to Adelaide
1 Australia Adelaide to Ayers Rock
2007-09-28 PAYDAY
1 Australia Ayers Rock to Cairns
2007-10-12 PAYDAY
1 Australia Cairns down the coast to Brisbane
1 Australia with a snorkeling stops at the Great Barrier Reef
1 Australia spend a couple days in Brisbane, leave RV
2007-10-26 PAYDAY
2007-10-26 2007-10-26 1 Singapore fly from Brisbane to Singapore
2007-10-27 2007-10-29 3 Singapore a couple days in and around Singapore
Malaysia train from Singapore to Malaysia
2007-11-09 PAYDAY
1 Thailand train through Malaysia to Thailand
2007-11-23 PAYDAY
1 Thailand train through Thailand with plenty of relaxing stops
meet Grandma Vi along the way
2007-12-07 PAYDAY
2007-12-05 2007-12-15 Thailand Thailand to Laos, then train through Laos to Hanoi
2007-12-16 2007-12-16 1 Vietnam Hanoi fly from Hanoi to Hong Kong
2007-12-17 2007-12-20 China Hong Kong tour Hong Kong, then fly to Beijing
2007-12-21 PAYDAY
2007-12-21 2008-01-05 16 China various tour with Jim & Letty, great wall, Tiananmen square
2008-01-05 2008-01-05 1 Thailand Bangkok fly to Bangkok
India Dehei travel from Bangkok to Delhi
India Agra check out the Taj Mahal, then tour India by train
2008-01-04 PAYDAY
India Jaipur tour around India by train
India Goa Prov. relax in Southern Goa
2008-01-18 PAYDAY
India Bombay check out Bombay
2008-02-01 PAYDAY
Kenya various fly from Bombay to Kenya
2008-02-15 PAYDAY
Kenya various tour Kenya into Tanzania, the Park
Egypt Cairo fly from Kenya to Cairo
2008-02-29 PAYDAY
Egypt various tour through Egypt with 2 Dawson's and CAB
Jordan Amman tour through Jordan to Petra & Dead Sea
Turkey Istanbul fly from Jordan to Istanbul
2008-03-14 PAYDAY
Turkey Istanbul check out Istanbul for a few days
Greece ????? week at friends Villia with Grandpa & Grandma James
2008-03-28 PAYDAY
Italy Rome fly from Greece to Rome
Italy Rome fly from Greece to Rome & check out Vatican
Italy spend a week or two with the Keizer's at a Villia
Italy Venice make our way to Venice
2008-04-11 PAYDAY
San through Spain
France around France
UK Chunnel from France to UK
2008-04-25 PAYDAY
UK tour UK, inc. London, Great Uncle's WW1 Grave
Canada Dartmouth make way to Dublin, then fly to Halifax
Canada Halifax buy Tundra truck, visit Mark & Wendy
2008-05-09 PAYDAY
U.S.A. tour through upper States, Maine, Vermont, NYC
U.S.A. PA, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, 
U.S.A. Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington
Canada up from Seattle, WA to Vancouver Island
2008-05-23 PAYDAY
Canada visit Ladysmith
Canada travel to Kelowna
2008-06-06 PAYDAY
Canada visit Kelowna
Canada travel from Kelowna to Edmonton
Canada visit Edmonton
2008-06-20 PAYDAY
Canada travel home
2008-07-04 PAYDAY
Paydays (25) X 1400 = 35,000 + weekly trip budget total = Grand total